My Favourite TV Shows

In addition to one of my new posts on my journaling Instagram ( ), today I would love to talk about my favourite TV shows. TV culture is HUGE, and no matter what show you watch, you’ll always find someone online talking about it!


The Handmaid’s Tale is a show developed by Hulu, taking it’s inspiration from Margaret Attwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. The show is about a dystopian future after a second American civil war, where a totalitarian society ran by men forces women called ‘handmaids’ into bearing children for high-authority men and their wives. I have never watched a show that so closely follows the book, but of course has its own play-ins after the first season. The show is an absolute masterpiece. Its twisted, grabbing and emotional all in one. Available to watch on NowTV.


New Amsterdam is developed from the book ‘Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital’ written by Eric Manheimer. New Amsterdam is a medical drama, similar to Greys Anatomy. The show is about Max Goodwin, a doctor and new medical director at the New Amsterdam hospital, who has a pregnant wife and a marriage on the rocks, as well a hidden illness. The show is intense, and there are a lot of things you pick up on when you re-watch it (there are only two seasons, with a new one in 2 weeks!) and its always fun to watch how different peoples lives can be in accordance with how they act. Available to watch on Amazon Prime.


Possibly one of my most top-rated shows ever. 15 seasons of tears, deaths and heart-wrenching moments. Also a medical drama, Grey’s anatomy is the only show I’ve ever watched that has made me cry, both with laughter and with sadness, and I absolutely love it. I highly recommend this series to anyone, but a warning, probably not the best thing to start watching when you’re at university / school during exams and important dates, as one episode turns into five very quickly. The most emotional show I have ever watched. Available to watch on Amazon Prime.


GBBO is a long-time favourite of mine. GBBO focuses on finding the best amateur bakers in the UK, and it is full of crazy bakes and requirements. I love baking and cannot get enough of watching this show. Who would have ever thought that watching people making cakes, pastries and bread could be so incredibly captivating and competitive? I also have nowhere near as much skill as the bakers do on the show, and I find myself often knowing that bakers have ruined their bake, or done something wrong, even though if I was in their position I wouldn’t even make it on the show. Overall, an incredible show with some wild flavours and beautiful bakes! Available to watch on Netflix.


I go through phases of obsessively watching Alaskan Bush People. Alaskan Bush People is exactly what the title says. It follows the Brown family, and their love for the bush, as well as the challenges that they face living completely alone. The family of 9 are all completely different, with different accents and abilities (sounds like a superhero collective, its not). It is so insightful to see how differently some families live, and how far they would go to live by themselves and be self-sufficient and away from the daily norm. There are no ‘cover-ups’ in the show, and it shows the Brown family in their true nature and the troubles they face. P.S, a lot of it is bears. Available to watch on NowTV.


The office is a wonderfully light-hearted and lovable show that will make you belly laugh until you cannot breathe. It follows a paper company and their boss, Michael Scott. Through pranks, misunderstandings and office romances, this show is everything you ever need. Of course, there are also emotional episodes, but the whole show is one great big warm hug. I highly recommend The Office, especially if your attention span is short, as the episodes are only 20 minutes long! Available to watch on Amazon Prime.


A blast of 6 episodes, Chernobyl follows the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine- what happened and its after effects. The makeup effects in this show are INSANE, as well as how closely they portrayed the soviet way of living at the time. It’s amazing how close they got the decorations inside the flats (it really reminds me of my nonnas flat) and the whole show was a pleasure to watch, as well as historical and very interesting. Available to watch on NowTV.


A Netflix original, The Rain follows brother and sister, Simone and Rasmus in their lives after an apocolyptic rain takes place. The rain contains a virus that kills people upon touching them, and so the siblings are in a constant find for safety, and who can be trusted, and who can’t. After a few crazy twists and happenings, this show continues to amaze me, and is by far one of the most captivating things I’ve ever watched. Also, do yourself a favour and watch it in Danish with the subtitles on, it is just not the same watching it in English. Available to watch on Netflix.


I think this is a favourite among most, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine deserves a special mention. Its probably one of the very few shows that I’ve watched that makes me laugh (alongside the office), and with genuine humour, not characters doing stupid things. As well as going through very real issues, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a very wholesome show, available to pretty much all ages, in my opinion. Available to watch on Netflix.


This show is SO messed up, but I love it. There are so many plot twists in How To Get Away With Murder, that at some point you will probably even question yourself. The whole show is a hot mess of death and how to get away with murder according to the law, which is insane. I guess you could say the same with something like prison break, but its all hypothetical, and you will definitely not get away with murder so please don’t attempt it. The lies, deaths and university life is a very odd mix (the lies being to the government) and so its such an interesting watch. Available to watch on Netflix.


Friday Night Dinner follows a Jewish family every Friday night and their antics, as well as their strange neighbour Jim. Friday night dinner is a lovely light-hearted watch, that was ruined by an excessive amount of memes and ‘hello jackies’. Still a good watch, and still funny, and highly recommend for some traditional British banter. Available to watch on Netflix.

  1. POWER

With a new season already here, Power is a need to watch. Power follows two childhood friends, Ghost and Tommy, and their money laundering schemes as well as drug business. This then leads to wanting to go clean, and live off the money already made, but its never just as easy as stopping. Power has one of the best series soundtracks I have ever heard, and it is well worth watching just for the music, but obviously for the content, too. Available to watch on Netflix.


Game of thrones is a favourite for everyone that’s watched it. Incredible cinematography, incredible acting, incredible plot. Enough said. Available to watch on NowTV.


Zumbo’s just desserts needs MORE SEASONS! This is probably one of my favourite shows cooking shows alongside Hells kitchen. Me and Jack thoroughly enjoyed watching Zumbo’s, as the skill level of the dessert makers is very high, and significantly harder than what you see on GBBO. Zumbo’s was simply an insane show to watch, I just need more seasons! Available on Netflix.


Hells Kitchen consists of Gordon Ramsay swearing at people and calling them panini heads. A show all about cooking that also provides quality entertainment from Gordon Ramsay. Perhaps not a show to watch around the kids, though. Available on Netflix.          


Tidying up with Marie Kondo is a wholesome show that shows you how to organize your life, and your house. I love watching her sort out peoples houses and work with small spaces to make them big, as well as how she gets to know the people she works with. The show offers plenty of tips to keep your house clean and organized, and makes it easy and understandable, rather than just telling you to ‘chuck it’. Available on Netflix


Money heist is all about a bunch of criminals masterminded by a clean-record man to take over the royal mint of Spain and steal money. The second season is also newly out (and unwatched by me!) and I’m so excited to get caught up and see what is happening. Money heist is full of suspense, and will keep you on the edge of your seat up until the last seconds of each episode. Available on Netflix.


Rick and Morty is carefully crafted with smart people jokes as well as silly humour, of course. The show follows no ‘real’ timeline, and so you can easily pick and episode and watch it. Its 20 minute lengths pack a punch, and are readily made for people who have short attention spans. A hilarious short watch for pretty much anyone (probably not very suitable for kids). Available on Netflix.

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