2019 Blog Roundup

As I have done last year, I’m doing another end of year roundup!

I kicked off the year with My New Year Resolutions. Fitting to each year, I did a whole new year’s resolutions list which I completed 3 of. Disappointing show, I know. However, I’m simplifying my stuff to make sure I can make more achievable and workable goals in 2020.

My January goals consisted of me talking about going back to university and how I want to better my month in terms of being healthy and going to the gym. My January goal was to save money, and I did it well for some time, until I didn’t.

I then decided to have a 5 month break for some reason?? And returned with a review on Rachel Wilkerson Miller’s ‘How to Bullet Plan’ where I spoke about the book and what I enjoyed and how helpful it was. If you’re a beginner in bullet journaling, this will be a huge help!

In the midst of exams, I wrote about What I Learnt in Second Year  where I spoke about my second year through my degree, how I struggled in my Chinese course in second year and how I eventually got through it.

Saving Money on a Budget was one of my favourite blog posts because I felt like I offered real and helpful advice on how to do so. I understand that not anyone is able to save money because of different circumstances, but I offered my outlook on things and how I planned to save money in the near future.

I put in my 50P on A-Level results day and spoke about my experience on results day, and no matter the outcome, that life will turn out just fine.

I swiftly moved on and welcomed autumn ! I spoke about my summer and what I did, and what I was planning to do in the upcoming autumn months.

With a collab on my journaling Instagram page, I spoke about my favourite tv shows  and a quick summary on each show and where you can watch it in the UK. Definitely worth a read!

I then spoke in-depth about my experience in Berlin, what we did, my best tips for travelling and what to see! PS, it might want to make you want to go to Berlin really bad. PSPS its quite helpful.

Starting with my second week of university, I wrote a blog post about how to take notes successfully and make them go into your head instead of highlighting everything and hoping for the best.

I then wrote about my experience in Amsterdam! Where we stayed, what we did, travel tips and what to do! Also quite helpful (I think) for a short trip.

I then got hella real and wrote about my top 3 challenges as a blogger and how I want to overcome them, or what I am trying to do to overcome them.

With the holiday season approaching, I decided to help some people out and write a blog post with 100 stocking stuffer / gift / secret santa ideas. There’s a lot here to work with, and it also took me ages to do, so definitely worth a read. Its also interchangeable to birthdays!

I followed through with the holiday season and found 12 alcoholic Christmas drinks for people to have in time for the holidays!

I then continued with the holiday vibe and made a list of 12 non-alcoholic Christmas drinks, catering for everyone possible.

For my last post of 2019, I made it a helpful one and wrote about what is inside my handy bag. I highly recommend to have one wherever you go, for both men and women as it is so handy knowing that everything is in one place and not strewn around your bag!


I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully find something relevant and interesting to read from it! What would you like to see from me next?


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