My 2020 Mindset

  1. A shining new decade that will be full of love, happiness, prosperity and all good things. Hey, if you don’t speak it into existence, it doesn’t count.

For readers around my age (18-21) this next decade will probably be one where we find our favourite jobs, get our own houses and probably have kids. I know, terrifying. I can barely look after myself right now, let alone a child, but this is the decade for growth. Its about letting go of everything bad that happened this decade and moving on from your fears, hurts and trauma. Its about moving on and taking time to look after yourself and your interests.

In 2020, I will graduate in Global Studies and Chinese, and I am looking forward to getting a job and going out into the real world! I am so tired of being in education, and I want to be able to finally make a living for myself and be proud of what I do.

Every new year, people make lots of ridiculously difficult and unachievable new years resolutions. I did that too, until I realised, I set myself too many tasks to do at once and that’s why I just wasn’t getting anywhere. Instead, this year, I have set myself 7 smaller tasks that I can realistically achieve and get on with on a daily/weekly schedule.

It takes 21 days to break a habit, and 66 days for a new habit to be ingrained into your brain. 66 days is roughly two months, so I’ve set myself a habit every two months to be able to do that run in and around one another.

My first goal is to be able to do the splits by the end of the year. With stretching and yoga every day, I will hopefully be able to achieve my goal in three months (I hope!) I don’t have a particular reason as to why I want to do this, I just think it’s a cool party trick and I want to prove to myself that I can do it.

My second goal is to knit my own blanket. I love big chunky blankets but they’re so expensive in the shops! And so, I would rather buy my own yarn and make my own. I already know how to knit, so I am not really worried about getting this done, as I know it is very much achievable!

My third goal is to do more exercise and yoga than I do right now. Currently, I go to the gym around once or twice a week, which is definitely not enough to make a difference. Therefore, I want to make more time for the gym and yoga.

My fourth goal, that ties in with exercise, is eat healthier. I do well until my budget narrows down towards the end of term and I end up eating a lot of takeaways, and I don’t really want to do that anymore as it makes me feel shitty. And so, I want to cook more and meal prep more to be able to have more time in the day for any other things I want to do.

My fifth goal is to learn 50 Chinese characters a day. The degree is coming to an end, and I have just 6 short months to go until I finish my degree. I feel like the two years of university before this were very tough on me mentally, but this year has been more of a breeze. I think it’s because I know it’s the final push now, and so I want to push myself as far as I can for my degree. After all, why waste the last three years of my life for nothing in the end?

My sixth goal is to be more consistent with my blog, journaling Instagram and start off my business. All three have been in the works since summer, and I have been doing slightly better for my blog and my Instagram, however, I want to make better and more captivating content. I want to be able to grow and better myself in what I do, and I can’t do that without practice!

My final goal is to become financially stable. Being at uni, my finances are sort of here, there and everywhere. One week I can spend £10 and the next I can spend £100, so it doesn’t really help. I want to make myself more financially stable before I graduate so I have some money left over, and then when I go to working, I am used to saving money and living more carefully in terms of my finances.


What are your goals for 2020? What are you all looking forward to? What do you want to read next? Let me know below!


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