Hello, Autumn.

hello autumn

With August coming to a quick end, back to school isles in shops and the weather taking a slight turn to the colder side, I can finally welcome a long-awaited autumn into my arms. Yes, the iPhone calendar says that British Summertime ends on the 27th of October, but that’s well into autumn for me.

August treated me well, with a trip to a new country (The Netherlands!) with my boyfriend. We had an incredible time in Amsterdam, which is surprisingly smaller than I thought it would be. Anyway, that’s a different post. I also worked pretty much all of august in a crisp factory, which is great as it put me off crisps, but I was also literally counting down the days until I finished my summer work. Its crazy how much you can hate a job, right?

Summer has been a crazy adventure, even through work. I was always looking forward to something (usually the end of my shift), but also new adventures with my friends and my family.

The start of my summer kicked off with a flight to Croatia a week after my exams ended to celebrate my mums 50th birthday. I hope to look like her when I’m 50. The first week the weather was cool with some scattered storms and pretty skies, and the second followed with scorching heat and sunburn. Classic holiday. I got a nice tan, which washed off in about 3 weeks, and now I am back to being my very pale, sickly looking self. Great!

Following this, I spent 3 weeks calling local agencies and trying to desperately find a job. It was so disheartening to hear that everywhere I called, no one had anything, and I was seriously starting to lose hope until my auntie told me about one of the factories in my town, and they got me in and working within a week! Since starting my summer job, I was able to save quite a bit of money to help me out with university, thank god! I was able to spend a lot of time with my friends and spending money that I had, which felt really good.

I then flew to Berlin with my brother to see some of his friends from university and meet some new people. I fully fell in love with Berlin, and highly recommend anyone debating going to visit without hesitation (blog post also coming, just veeery slowly). From vegan food (I’m not vegan, but if I lived in Berlin I would be), to the historic architecture and the west-east divide, Berlin captured my whole heart and swallowed it up within the first hour.

Following my trip to berlin, I worked for two weeks and then jetted off to Amsterdam. We stayed in the most amazing hotel (blog post ALSO coming) and ate incredible food and went to many museums and saw a lot of naked ladies in windows. The weather was incredible considering it said it was going to rain every day (it very much didn’t, and I even got sunburnt one day!) and the trip quickly ended, and we were back to the UK and my job.

Since my trip to Amsterdam and my very much jet-setting lifestyle this summer, I’ve been looking for holidays. By holidays, I mean visiting all my friends which have gone abroad to study and visit them. This has also been a little sad, as some of the closest people to me have jetted off to China, well away from where I am. However, they seem to be enjoying themselves and having a good time, and I’m just glad that they’re doing okay and are looking after themselves and living their best lives.

Now, onto the now. I’m currently writing this blog post from my childhood bed in Estonia. The start of September, so far has been productive, and I’ve been spending a lot of time with my nonna, mum and my childhood friend, which has been lovely.

I’ve also had a lot of time to plan ahead, and manage my money ahead for university, as well as writing a list for things I need to buy before I go and revising Chinese, which has been really difficult. I’m a little nervous for third year and how things are going to go, but all I know is I need to smash it out and suffer for the next eight months to try do my best in my degree.

Also, coming up with a dissertation topic has been SO HARD. I feel like its been a horrible shadow following me all summer, and it would let me enjoy my days, and as soon as I went to bed at night and my feet would be out in the open due to the heat, it would grab me by the ankles and drag me under. It has been a total nightmare to find something appropriate, let alone a company that I can work alongside with.

But yeah! Summer is over, and I am officially back on the grind for university, and my final year. Wish me luck!


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