2018 in review for my blog

I kicked off my blog by writing an about me section for my blog! There isn’t much to say as this is a rough outline of what I am doing and where I want to head in life!

my next post was what I wasn’t planning to do in November. Here, I explained how I wanted to stop buying snacks in order to have more money to do things with in 2019. Although I haven’t broke this habit (yet!) My goal in 2019 is to cut out palm oil, in which case will help me with stopping buying snacks!

My following was a blog post about how to travel cheap. I have a few ideas in mind of what I want to do next year in terms of travelling, and although I wont be going to any of the places further away like Asia or the Americas, it’s good to have a reference of where there are cheap airlines and places to book hotels.

Although I posted a university checklist a little late, I am planning to up-do the checklist for the following year of students! I know myself and I constantly forget things- whether it’s a laundry basket, documents or shoes, I always forget something when I go back to uni or back home. I therefore go over this checklist every time I go to uni and back, even when I go back over the holidays.

I also posted about the significance of Remembrance Day, and why people choose and choose not to celebrate or frown upon it. This was a controversial post as I explored both sides of why people agree and disagree with it, but in the end came out with a conclusion that whether you choose to celebrate or not, that history repeats itself and what you choose to do personally is up to you.

Coming up to the time where people usually choose new university accommodation, I shared my experience and knowledge of how to choose a house for university. This year, I have not had the best experience with housing and accommodation, so I thought I would share my experience with the rest of the world and hopefully help people avoid the same situation that I am in today.

At a bad place in your life, its always nice to reflect and think about what you are grateful for every day. In this list, I wrote 19 things I am grateful for at 19. Since coming back for second year, I’ve been a bit down in the dumps with my mental health, and this was a certain pick me up as it grounded me and reminded me why I was at uni and thankful for being there also.

My next post was a Christmas post! As I am Russian Orthodox, I do not celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December, but instead on the 7th of January. This always causes questions from friends (even those who I have been friends with since I was younger!) and strangers. All in all its difficult to explain that you don’t eat roast dinners and sing Christmas songs, and that you just enjoy time with your family and get takeout instead!

As a swing to get me back into blogging, I wrote out why I have always wanted to blog. Although not the best at writing and getting my point across, I enjoy talking about my experiences and my thoughts and ideas. They may not always be coherent or understandable, but I like to write to relieve stress, which is why I do so.

My most recent post was what I have recently stopped myself from doing (spoiler alert, its eating palm oil products!). This is important to me in ways to save the planet and the animals that we are constantly harming, and hopefully getting a reader or two on board with doing the same thing that I am. Although right now I may not be creating any impact at all on the blogging community, one day I hope that these sorts of posts help better our world and our future.

In conclusion, I need to get more consistent at blogging! My New Years resolution is to post blogs 2 times a week at least, and I am sticking to it! I have also started a Bullet Journal to track my habits, and intend to sticking to it and writing out my whole year, and hopefully looking back at this time next year and seeing how much progress I have made! At the end of January I will also be doing a blog post about what I have achieved in the past month and how well I have been doing in regards to my goals.

I hope everyone goes into 2019 healthy, happy and full of goals to better themselves in the New Year!

What are your New Years resolutions for 2019?


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