My New Years resolutions

Every year, we are bombarded with ‘New year, new me’ posts all around the world. And I’ll be honest, I’m no different. Every year I set myself goals, and although I may not always make them, the intention is there. For me, its always the usual ‘go to the gym more often’ and ‘stop eating like you’re a bin bag’, but this year, I want to try my best to keep my promises. This year, I will be starting a bullet journal to keep all my thoughts and track what I do every day! Although I know this might be an utter failure, I want to try my best to keep track of what I do and what is successful and what isn’t. I want to make it a big deal for myself to go to lectures as I have been completely unmotivated in doing work and going to lectures, and paying a hefty price for not attending lectures is now becoming a weight on my shoulders. Each month, I want to track what I do, and how I plan on improving myself.

January: Money spent

In January, I want to track how much money I spend and what I spend it on. Right now, I am not the best at managing money, especially regarding takeout and snacks. I hope that out of tracking my money I can make sure my awful spending habits are pushed out, and instead I can save my money for something useful, like going abroad and seeing places. My goal is to spend no more than £45 a week on everything I need- this includes food, travel and miscellaneous things. I also want to put £40 away each week into a savings account to travel in the summer. A part of my wages will also go into my savings, to make sure that I don’t blow them all at once and end up in a bad money situation.

February: Study hours per day

In February, I want to track how much I study and how much time I waste a day on social media and doing everything else except revising. I have found it very difficult in the last term to get my head into studying and leaving everything to last minute. It is one of my worst habits, especially that I am at university and really can’t afford to be doing so. From this I hope to maximize my productivity, and put in more hours to work instead of pointless hours on the internet. My goal is to study around 3-4 hours a day in the weekday, and around 5 on the weekend.

March: Lectures made

In March, I want to track how many lectures I make every week. Since after Christmas I am at uni every day, it makes sense to make sure that I go in and do my work. This leads on from February, and the fact that the more I study, the more I would like to be involved with my course and making sure that I can do all I can to achieve the best results. I hope to make at least 90% of my lectures each week, as I know myself and I know now and again the reason I don’t go to university is if I can’t be bothered or don’t feel right. I want to push this feeling out and make sure that I push through times when I don’t want to be at university and make my lectures and catch up with work. Realistically, I want to be making all of my lectures every week, unless I am in my death bed.

April: Meals

In April, I want to track what I eat. Eating is a big part of being healthy and will lead on to me becoming more active. Eating good food makes everyone feel good, and I want to be able to explore by cooking different meals and experimenting with food. At university this is a little more difficult as I didn’t realise how expensive fruit and veg was, as well as how quick it goes off. This will make me buy things properly and make sure I cook as otherwise it is a waste of money. I hope that this will make me more adventurous in what I eat and give me more foods to work with. My goal is to cook a new meal every week (and document it!) as well as meal planning before shopping.

May: Steps

In May, I want to track how much I walk. I know for a fact that the only places I walk is to the bus to and from university and when I go to Aldi for my weekly shop. I want to make it my goal to walk around 5,000 steps a day, as then even if I don’t go to the gym, at least I have made it my goal to walk a certain amount a day. This will hopefully keep me more active and make sure that I get out and am able to clear my mind for a certain amount of day at a time to think about something other than work. My goal is to walk 3,000 steps every day.

June: Sleep tracker

In June, I would like to track how long I sleep and at what times. I would like to get into a proper sleeping routine as it would make sure I can maximize my work efforts and make sure I have enough time to do what I like- such as writing blog posts and spending time on working on myself and my mental health. A good night’s sleep is one of the most important aspects of life as it gives yourself time to regenerate and start all over again the following day. I want to make sure that I sleep well enough to make sure I achieve my targets during the day. My goal is to have at least 8 hours sleep a night, and no more than 10.

July: A song a day

As it will be summer, a song a day is the perfect way to explore different music styles and make sure that I listen to different music and don’t get stuck in a loop, especially that I tend to do that a lot these days. I want to make sure that I’m not listening to the same 6 songs every 3 months. This will make sure that I am more aware of other genres and appreciate something more than grime or old school RNB. My goal is to find a new song to listen to every day.

August: One word a day

In August, I want to write down one word every day to explore how I feel or what I’ve thought about most every day. As this is also a summer holiday month, I can presume that my thoughts can be pleasant or thinking about doing nice things like going abroad or eating ice cream in Spain, but every day I want to explain my feeling about that word.

September: Calorie intake

In September, I want to track my calorie intake to make sure that I eat enough and eat healthy a day. The healthier the food the more I should be eating, and this will also help me in getting back into my uni routine and going back and cooking properly and buying my own food. Hopefully my calorie intake won’t be too high or too low, as I would like to either maintain or lose weight this following year. My goal is to eat 2,000 calories a day.

October: Thoughts

In October, I want to track my thoughts and feelings. As this will be the start of my final year at university, I want to track my thoughts and feelings and what makes me feel better or push those thoughts and feelings out of my head. I want to make sure that I am on track to doing my work and making sure that I am doing well, as I don’t want to spiral whilst writing my dissertation. Tracking my thoughts and my days will hopefully show me a pattern in which I think and what makes me upset or angry, which leads me onto November.

November: Mood tracker

In November, I want to track my mood. This will help me recognize spikes in my mood and make sure that I can overcome my bad days and change the way I think. A mood tracker is also a good idea for overcoming ‘winter depression’ where I can make the most of my days and make sure that I can maximize my work efforts

December: Gym goings

In December, I want to track how much I go to the gym. I want to start doing this in January, but usually because New Years resolutions get broken in January, I want to make sure that I can go through with going to the gym and make sure that I get my stress out and keep my head on straight for the times that it most matters. I will also be tracking this throughout the year and making sure that I turn the gym into a habit rather than a distant thought. My goal is to go to the gym 2-3 days a week.

What are your New Year resolutions, and what do you want to achieve?


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