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For a lot of us, travelling seems to be something that we would love to do, but shrug off when it comes to doing it as its too expensive. For me, travelling has always been a passion as I have been doing it with my grandparents since I was younger. This is something I want to pursue, and hopefully travel as many countries as I can!

Firstly, flights are a real killer to find. If you are planning a trip, remember its easier to find cheaper flights and accommodation around a year before you go. This makes it more flexible for you to find flights, but also gives you some research time to compare where its cheaper or more suited for you (such as the airport location). Its also easier if you are travelling in a group of more than 2-3 people, as it gives you the chance of potentially getting seats next to one another. However, you can also find cheap flights if you are on a mailing list for airlines. If you sign up to book flights, you are put into a mailing list which can send some pretty good offers for flights which are coming up, or equally offers for upcoming seasons, or the next year, like advertised 2019 flights. Some cheap airlines to use are:



The Americas:

Middle East:

Australia and the Pacific:


However, with flights also comes accommodation. I can only really recommend two incredible places to find accommodation: and Airbnb. They do an amazing job with tailoring your stay and getting in touch with landlords, and that is all I have ever used when travelling. Airbnb is particularly good, as when travelling in Russia this year we found an incredibly spacious apartment in Pskov for only £24 a night!

A lot of the time booking package holidays is a lot more expensive than going solo. I understand the want to go into an all-inclusive resort for 10 days, but at the same time I don’t feel like it gives the same experience as travelling and doing everything yourself. Package holidays overprice a lot, and places that do the breakfast, lunch and dinner deals are also very overpriced. Finding an independent restaurant or coffee house is a lot cheaper abroad, and although its not all you can eat, it gives a good change of having the same food on holiday as you do at home. Besides, cooking abroad is also a lot cheaper. A lot of the time, bakeries and supermarkets sell fresh produce for a lot cheaper than getting meals, so that is also worth looking into. I’m not saying abandon the idea of an all inclusive, but it will save a lot of money in the long run.

If planning to have an action-packed holiday, go onto TripAdvisor to find deals and things to do during your stay. Also, GroupOn can do deals if you have a number of people on your trip! A lot of the time, local businesses that aren’t part of a bigger branch can do deals for cheaper in order to get word out, and sometimes you can haggle someone for a lower price (if talking is your strong point!)

If going inter-country, inter-state or just around your own country, you can often find cheap buses and train tickets to do so. This will probably also cut on costs for getting to the airport, the actual plane ticket, and you won’t waste as much time waiting about as there’s no baggage claim. This is a lot easier to do in Europe and China due to interrailing, but its also doable in other countries! A big thing is also paying for luggage for flights, and there is no need for a huge suitcase to take with you when you’re going on a 5-day trip. An airplane luggage-friendly suitcase or bag is perfectly fine for a short trip, and there are a thousand and one different tutorials about how to pack your suitcase efficiently.

Everyone is different however, but taking into consideration some of these factors would pay off a lot easier in the long run, when you have more money to do things when you’re there!

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