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My name is Polina, I am 20 years old and currently studying Chinese and Global Studies at university. To say I have a busy life is an understatement, so a lot of the time when revising, I sit stewing in my own thoughts on the world and how I perceive the things going on around me. This is the reason for my blog being called ‘Popo’s thoughts’, as a lot of this blog will be me sifting through the many thoughts that run through my head during the day, and they’ll hopefully help you or relate to you!

For some of my blog I would love to help people learn languages. As a native speaker of Russian and a fluent speaker of English, I would like to say that I know a thing or two about immersing yourself in a language and some ways to get past barriers of laziness and difficulty.

As one of the hundreds of thousands of ‘lifestyle’ bloggers on this site, I differ from the rest as I have no idea what I am talking about. I have no degree, no experience and a measly ‘E’ in GCSE art. I simply enjoy the concept of interior design and am starting to look at this in more detail. As a lot of girls my age- I love decorating. University has given me my biggest freedom in this case as I can buy myself unnecessary decorative pillows without being questioned by my family for the need of yet another one, or I can blame it on wanting my room to feel more like home.

My lifestyle also mostly consists of ordering Deliveroo whilst revising (or trying to), watching Netflix, or Bob Ross before I go to bed. I would compare myself to any other university student, other than my severe lack of going to the gym and understanding my course. In this sense, I am probably not the best lifestyle blogger, as my current lifestyle of takeaways and Bob Ross paintings lacks in the actual useful information of a blogger. I consider myself an average cook (when I can actually be bothered to do so) and perhaps will share some of my foreign recipes passed down from my mum to survive whilst being at uni.

Overall, the main reason for my blog is to go back to my love of writing and to connect with other, like-minded people. Talking about things I feel strongly about or I enjoy doing is a particular strong point of mine, and I would love for whoever reads this blog to feel the same.

I hope you enjoy whatever I will post!


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