How to bullet plan By Rachel Wilkerson Miller, A Review.

As an avid user of a bullet journal, when I saw this book in Waterstones, I HAD to buy it. Every person that uses a bullet journal uses it for a different reason. Whether it is to study, track habits, keep on top of work or all the above, each bullet journal is completely different.... Continue Reading →

What I have Learnt in My Second Year of University- Part one.

Second year of university was a roller-coaster. From being unsure if I wanted to continue with my degree to living with new people for the first time, I have felt it all. Anger, confusion, frustration, happiness, love and hate. I know I am capable of being at university. I just don’t think I am fully... Continue Reading →

My January Goals

Hello 2019! I am 2 weeks into January, I have finally decided what I would like to achieve daily this month! The start of a year is the perfect opportunity to do what you’ve wanted to do for a while, or something you have been putting off, or even trying. January, for me, is a... Continue Reading →

My New Years resolutions

Every year, we are bombarded with ‘New year, new me’ posts all around the world. And I’ll be honest, I’m no different. Every year I set myself goals, and although I may not always make them, the intention is there. For me, its always the usual ‘go to the gym more often’ and ‘stop eating... Continue Reading →

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