My January Goals

Hello 2019!

I am 2 weeks into January, I have finally decided what I would like to achieve daily this month! The start of a year is the perfect opportunity to do what you’ve wanted to do for a while, or something you have been putting off, or even trying. January, for me, is a clean slate. I can forget the nightmares of the year before- bad blood, bad experiences and bad days. For me, January is something new and something to look forward to, not dread and be worried about the future.

In January, I want to make a lot of health changes. This year, a big goal for me is to try to tone up and perhaps lose some weight. A lot of this, of course, relies on my diet. I am therefore keeping a food diary of what I eat (starting the 14th, as I am back at university then). I have wanted to go through and do well with how I treat my body and my mental health for a while now, but like every other year, I have been putting it off.

As I am turning 20 this year and will not be a teenager anymore, I figure its probably a good idea to start now instead of waiting another year. Every week I want to try a new recipe and write about it, as well as drink 2 litres of water every day (which has been going very well), and avoid foods containing palm oil as much as I can. As well as this, I want to significantly cut down on how much I snack and how often I eat unhealthy food- such as spending money on takeaways, crisps, frozen food, etc.  I want to aim to make it to the gym 2 times a week at least, and exercise through a workout DVD once or twice a week.

The main goal that I spoke about in my last blog post was my money spending habits. For the future and travel, I want to start putting away £40 every week into a savings account. I also want to spend less than £40 a week on everything I need- that means food, going out, and eating out. This means that I will have to cook and eat the food that I buy (shock!). This will also tie in well into my food diary regarding my weight loss, seeing especially how much I eat and what I eat. Because of this, I want to do no spend for at least 3 days a week, which means ill have no choice but not buy snacks if I’ve either spent my daily limit or overgone my spending a week.

Regarding work, I want to do 4-5 hours of work on a weekday, and around 2-3 hours on weekends. I also aim to be posting 2 blog posts every week (which has not been going too well so far), as have been getting lazy with my blog, and writing destresses me a lot. This will also help me in getting into a groove of doing work daily and meeting deadlines. Although I have been struggling writing, especially as I haven’t got many ideas, I want to do my best and become more creative and loving what I do. In addition to this, I want to read a new book every month, and this month I will be choosing one of the books on my uni shelf.

As I am going back to uni this weekend, it means its time for my brain to hate my degree and everything I do due to a stressful environment. I want to make it a goal to make time for myself and do more things that I want to do, as well as being honest with others so my thoughts don’t pile up and in turn make myself worse. I therefore want to go to sleep before midnight and be awake before 8 on weekdays to make the gym, or before 10 on weekends. I also want to do my bed up and clean my room every day, as I feel like when my room gets messy, so do my thoughts. So far, the sleeping hasn’t been going too well, but I am going to bed earlier and earlier before night (I have a long way to go from my usual 3am.) This year, I want to make myself happy again, as well as being able to do things by myself, including travelling abroad.

This year, I want to make myself a priority, and stop caring about what other people think. I find myself often comparing my life and my appearance to others, which makes me feel awful and unproductive. I want to remind myself that everyone is different, and what I look like or how I think shouldn’t be anyone else’s problem, but also to treat myself with a little more respect.

What are your goals for January, and why?

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