Why I have started blogging

Everyone has different reasons for starting blogging. It can be stress, for experience, business or making others aware of what is happening in your life. Writing has been a part of me for a very long time. From writing about books and snippets of book ideas on Tumblr, to taking creative writing as an A level, writing has always been a very big part of my life and how I think. I have always loved reading and made the mistake of doing English Literature at uni for a week, but very quickly realised I did not love reading THAT much. Writing for me has always had a dear place in my heart, and as much as I always said I hated creative writing and called it bullshit, I tended to do very well in exams and assessments because of how much I enjoyed it.

Creative writing has always been hit and miss for me. I enjoyed writing real-life stories, but a lot of them failed and got restarted or altered hundreds of times, and then obviously dropped and not finished. Because of the way I took writing, it was always very professional and forced when I handed it in, and I always thought ‘is this too cliché? Can people see this coming?’. However, real-life writing was also too difficult for me. Travel pieces, diary writing, and scripts were just not for me, but I guess that has also changed since I am writing about myself in this blog. I’ve gone through many phases of writing, from reviews, to snippets of my own life, but also make believe as part of my a-level courses. My journey with writing has been a long love-hate relationship where I would give up and months (or years) after, start up again and begin to rekindle my love of writing.

Some of my earliest writing was from my creative writing times. As soon as I started creative writing, I deleted all my embarrassing snippets and reviews in spirit of wanting to become a better writer. Creative writing ripped apart and buried my love of writing for two years. I just wanted to get my task, write it, and a lot of the time never read it again before handing it in to my teacher. I lost a lot of love for writing, purely because I never enjoyed the tasks I was set until my exams. Writing from the point of view of a toaster or a horror story that was cliché was just not for me, and a lot of the time I found it pointless to sit there begging to reach the word limit on a piece of writing that I know very well didn’t cut being good enough. Luckily for me, I rescued myself in the exams. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what I wrote as the 3 hour exam as I was finished within two hours, leaving me counting the amount of bricks in one wall in the sports hall (238), and leaving the exam at a grade A. However, my shitty work during the year left me with an overall grade of a C, still 2 grades above my prediction.

In second year, I did a whole lot better. I tried a lot harder during the year as my coursework counted towards more and ended up writing a piece about the second world war. Looking back, it was sloppy and didn’t really work and I could have done better, but I can’t do anything about that now. My predicted E grade for exams was passed with a C, and my teacher was incredibly surprised I had it in me on results day. Since the day I finished my exams in 2017, I did not write for a year and a half before resorting to a blog to calm down my stresses of university, but also pass on my knowledge to other people. I know a lot of the time blog posts are read and forgotten, and I was the same when I started off university. I read a lot of blog posts when I first began because I was so scared about going to university and making friends, so I read a lot about tips on how to make friends in dorms, especially that I lived in studios in first year. Blog posts helped me a lot about dealing with how to make friends and how to meet deadlines more effectively.

This then leads me onto now. I started my blog in late October, and I know that my writing schedule has been unpredictable and sporadic, but I want to do better. I have been missing writing, and although writing a blog post takes me hours (sometimes maybe days when I really feel stressed) I feel very rewarded in the end. For me, writing has helped me a lot with coping with my feelings and how I interpret things around me. It has been a very up and down journey with trying to figure out how WordPress works and how to rack up ideas or even find ideas online, but I feel as if different accounts still help someone in some way. Everyone’s experiences with life is different, and everyone’s experiences with certain things are also different, and I take blogging as being a big review on a person and how everyone perceives things. Blog posts, to me, are a good telling factor about what people are like. For myself, I find it hard to find something I enjoy and stick to it, which is why my blog is a hit-and-miss for many, as I don’t tend to orientate my blog around one thing like travel, food or university, because I like all those things, and I have had experience in them all too. For me, I post whatever I think is best for me, and since I don’t get suggestions or questions just yet, I am working with what I have and what I feel most comfortable with.

What would you like to see more posts on?

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